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I have been thinking of doing this and considering the fact that I do not know how much time I have on this beautiful earth, lemme give it a go.

Knowing: that  it  is  never  that  serious, am  too  blessed  to  be  stressed
Feeling: tired  as  ever, I  believe  the  week  is  over  and  I  am  looking  forward  to  the  weekend to  sleep  the  week  way.
Craving: all  the  things  that  are  not  good  for  my  health  especially  the  chips  and  chicken  from the  fast  food  joints  in  town. (To  the  friends  who  have  read  this  you  know  what  to  do, wink!)
Eating: rice  and  vegetable  stew  in  the  office (healthy  right) plus  a  smokie  some  bread  and tea, I  know  that  combination  is  out  of  this  world  but  just  ask  my  high-school  friends, there have  been  worse  combos.
Drinking: cold  water  because  when  you  are  in  the  office  and  the  boss  can  see  you  from where  she  is  seated; water  is  the  only  thing  I  can  drink. Getting  the  skin  benefits  though because  these  breakouts  will  not  prosper, can  I  get  an  Amen!
Smelling: all  the  aromas  of  the  foods that  people  have  carried  in  the  office  today; actually  I  should  be  smelling  trouble  because  that  is  what  we  are  going  to  get  into  after  the  boss comes  back.

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