Why Lord why? Why do we have to grow up and realize that our closets are filled with nothing but summer wear when the cold season sets in? No worries though, I am convinced that this is a sign from God. I have so many options for sunny weather because God is preparing me for the awesome weather that I will enjoy at the Maldives. The sandy beaches, dolphin watching and scuba diving, oh God I cannot wait!

You realize you are growing up when the cold season sets in and you cannot run to your mum or dad to buy you some warm clothes. Lucky are the ladies who can run to their dzadzys and get the latest fur coats from Bloomingdale’s, what is life?

July is here and so are the new relationships. I do wish all of you well. I hope you are not in it because of the cold or loneliness. We still want to see those posts that make us cringe after the cold season. Do not dump him/her for the next MCA, I know you thought about it once.

I have so much on my mind today and you are the best people to share my current thoughts with. I say current thoughts because I change my mind very easily. If I were campaigning for an electoral position I would probably change my mind half-way through the campaigns and say I am bored. (Hapo ndio utajua Ndeti sio Wavinya). So for today allow me to be your muse for the next few minutes 😉 .

You need to know that just because you like how a person looks does not mean that you will end up loving who that person is.  Yes, I urge you to re-read that until it sinks in. Use that as a caption on your IG handles and do not forget to tag yours truly. Looks are deceiving and the worst thing is giving so much time to a person who you now realize did not deserve to see the light of day with you. You feel fooled and a little part of you feels broken but you took home a lesson. Some people are like mwakenyas, your guide through life so as to avoid making the wrong decision twice. Go ahead, note that down.

Just because there is a shortage of Unga in the country does not give you any reason to eat omena with chapati. Why? You cannot betray the unga lovers of this country by committing such a sin. It is sin to join two or more things together that should not be joined. Resist yourselves from committing such crimes, like allowing Baba Yao to give a public address in English and let me mention that Wavinya Ndeti and the Kiswahili methali is more of a no-go zone, as Kenyans would like to put it.

This goes out to everyone who gives you those nasty looks as you are walking down the street. Why are you giving someone you do not know a nasty look as if they are walking naked in the streets of Nairobi or as if they just lit a marijuana joint next to you? Just because someone is prettier, more handsome, looking sharp in their outfit or just looking happy minding their own business does not give you the right to give them such a nasty look. The happiness of others does not deprive you any happiness of your own. Jot that down. As Wavinya would put it, ‘pilipili usioila unaiwashia moto’.

Just because you are on a diet does not mean that you have to shove your work out routine and diet schedule down our throats. I am not against dieting and working out but let me be clear on one tiny thing, it is YOUR diet and work out routine, not OURS.  It is revolting for someone to keep count of what his/her friend eats and it is even worse when they keep throwing those little annoying comments on weight. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but a wise person knows when to keep it to themselves. With that said, it is okay to do things your way but it is never okay when you think your way is the only way.

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