I know, I know ! (Raising my arms in the air)

If you have ever read any of my blog posts I am sure you’ve seen this post and said , “Took her long enough!”

I am writing this because it is something that was long overdue. What have I been up to? A lot of things, I have been living and I have been learning but most importantly I have been eating. I have been eating like a pig despite the fact that I should be watching my waist. Why you ask. Well my weight is just fine it’s my waist that needs deliverance. I mean what does a girl have to do to get a flat tummy around here? I’m that kind of girl who wishes she could eat anything without getting fat. Ladies can I get an Amen!

I also wish some women could keep their comments to themselves regarding someone’s weight, aren’t we all struggling with something? Well as you judge her tummy, her eyebrows are on fleek and yours well yours are just eyebrows, we can’t say much about them. I am not being savage, I am being honest. God almighty knows it and so do you, so get to those make-up tutorials they are everywhere these days!

My thoughts are a bit jumbled up today. I will do my best not to digress but if I do I hope you still enjoy the read.

Today I want to talk about a woman you might have come across. Let us call her Cindy. Cindy seems to have her life all figured out. She seems to have the perfect parents, perfect relationship, perfect friends, perfect job and the list of perfection goes on and on. You would say she has the perfect life. She goes to church and she is always there for her friends. When you see her in church you are the first to say that she is involved with the youth pastor. You call her a pretender and all manner of names just to make her look bad. Despite the loathe you have for her, Cindy is the first person who sends you that M-Pesa that you so long for when you comment `sina kakitu` in the youth group. We have all been there and if you have not jumped at the vibration of a text from your phone then count your blessings.  I know someone just wished to have a camaraderie with Cindy right about now. You on the other hand think that she is just being a show off because a pretty girl like her definitely has a ‘sponsor’.

Cindy is just an ordinary girl. She has been raised in a Christian family but she got to really understand Jesus when she was in high school. She gave her life to Christ and became the Christian Union Chairlady. She worked hard in school but Mathematics was not her friend. Maths made her hungry when she was full, Maths made her get the cramps when she was past that time of the month. Maths was annoying like that spoiler friend who says what is happening in the new Marvel movie when you have not even seen the trailer . Yes it was that bad, I can relate. She did not get an A but she managed to join campus and graduate with First Class Honors. I will not dwell on the sleepless nights that she had while in campus that is quite frivolous in this situation. Kenyans love to hear the success not the struggle that comes with it.

As tempting as it was Cindy made it out of campus without using drugs or taking alcohol. She had one boyfriend through campus and they are engaged to be married. Is he 70 years old? No, he is three years older than her and they met in church when all youth members were pledging their vows to remain pure till marriage. Yes, she is still pure. Unbelievable? Yes. Impossible? No.

Just like any other person Cindy has her ups and downs. She has her bad hair days but you would not know that because of the colorful turbans she dons every once in a while, she gets cranky sometimes and cusses unbelievable words, but you did not know that now did you?

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I have been thinking of doing this and considering the fact that I do not know how much time I have on this beautiful earth, lemme give it a go.

Knowing: that  it  is  never  that  serious, am  too  blessed  to  be  stressed
Feeling: tired  as  ever, I  believe  the  week  is  over  and  I  am  looking  forward  to  the  weekend to  sleep  the  week  way.
Craving: all  the  things  that  are  not  good  for  my  health  especially  the  chips  and  chicken  from the  fast  food  joints  in  town. (To  the  friends  who  have  read  this  you  know  what  to  do, wink!)
Eating: rice  and  vegetable  stew  in  the  office (healthy  right) plus  a  smokie  some  bread  and tea, I  know  that  combination  is  out  of  this  world  but  just  ask  my  high-school  friends, there have  been  worse  combos.
Drinking: cold  water  because  when  you  are  in  the  office  and  the  boss  can  see  you  from where  she  is  seated; water  is  the  only  thing  I  can  drink. Getting  the  skin  benefits  though because  these  breakouts  will  not  prosper, can  I  get  an  Amen!
Smelling: all  the  aromas  of  the  foods that  people  have  carried  in  the  office  today; actually  I  should  be  smelling  trouble  because  that  is  what  we  are  going  to  get  into  after  the  boss comes  back.

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